Web development is one of the trending topics on the internet and a lot of users wants to get an carrier opportunity in the same field. But let me tell you the truth that its not an easy task to create the web applications or websites, you have to be really creative minded otherwise you can’t survive in this competitive area. There are a lot of web developers who have a really good command over various programming languages, so you have to practice a lot before applying for a permanent job in this sector.

There are a lot of institutes and training centers where you can learn any language, even you can learn it online too. Yes, There are various websites who provides a lot of good tutorials to learn any programming language like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP and so on. If we talk about the PHP its the best server side scripting language which is used for creating web pages and applications. There are a lot of useful resources available on the internet where you can learn and practice PHP Language.

PHP framework is a library that makes the life of site developer easier by for example hiding some complexities of HTTP protocol or by adding some useful functions. There are lot of useful PHP frameworks available on the web, but the question is which one is most useful for us. Well, It depends on the particular situation that what we are trying to do in web application. We have considered some of the common or best PHP frameworks for web developers here in this list, let’s check out and see how can we make use of these.

11 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Developers:

Flight PHP:




Fuel PHP:





Laravel PHP Framework


Zend Framework


CodeIgniter Web Framework


Phalcon - High Performance PHP Framework


Yii PHP Framework

Simple MVC Framework:

Simple MVC Framework


PHPixie Framework